Best Art Galleries in Seattle

Artworks are among the major sources of tourist attractions in any country. They represent the individual perspective of a particular belief or a general perspective of a particular place or community. They are also used to represent the ancient way of life of that particular location or their religious beliefs. The act of creation is indeed a gift as it cannot be beautifully done by everybody. Some countries of the world are known for their artistic abilities and as a result attract many tourists.  This is due to the fact that they have more of these talented individuals residing in their countries. Art is a diversified act which can be seen from many angles. There is visual art and also contemporary art. Visual art typically refers topaintings whereas contemporary art has to do with recent artworks which call for exhibition. As a matter of fact, when art is mentioned, some places always come to mind for different kinds of art. Seattle is one place to be when it comes to the best artistic scene. There are so many art galleries in Seattle, and in this article you will be exposed to just a few of them. However, we are actually going to be talking about the best among them all. The following are the best art galleries in Seattle.


Best Art Galleries

Henry Art Gallery

This gallery is located very close to the University of Washington and it dates back to 1927. This gallery houses well over 25,000 artworks and is open for all to come in and see with no fee involved. As it is a very old gallery, it is therefore a home for many old artworks as well as a home for the representation of American culture and the old way of life. Popular works that can be seen here include artworks by Sean Scully, Bruce Nauman, and Louise Bourgeois and many other artists. Some of the arts can be seen through the internet, but quite a lot need to be seen live in the Henry Art Gallery as they are better appreciated live than online.


SOIL Art Gallery

This art gallery was opened just a few years back in 1995. This gallery came into existence when some artists within the locality were looking for a place to showcase their artwork, and as a result of this search, the SOIL Art Gallery was originated. It is actually a gallery for artists that is managed by artists too. It is a breeding ground for upcoming artists as they are given the opportunity to exhibit their works. It is of great help to many young artists for the exhibition of their artworks as accessing other well-known galleries usually seems almost impossible. There is no limit to the kinds of artistic works that are showcased in this gallery; it is even believed that it houses gerbil art.

SAM Gallery

M.I.A. Gallery

This is a renowned art gallery that showcases artworks from various part of the world. It allows artists from other parts of the world to exhibit their works and as a result of this, people from far and wide usually come to this gallery during exhibitions to appreciate the creative arts of artists from a wide variety of places. In this gallery, there are artworks from popular artists likeBadouinMouanda, Justin Dingwall, ThandoHopa and many other great artists.

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