A Look at Arts in Seattle Today

When thinking about cities with artistic works, art exhibitions and museums, Seattle is one of the first cities to come to mind. The city is generally recognized as a significant center for paintings, sculptures, textiles, studio glass, alternative, urban arts and lowbrow and performing arts.The Seattle symphony orchestra is among the world’s most recorded orchestras, and even the Seattle opera and the Pacific Northwest Ballet are also regarded as among the most distinguished. The city has about twenty-four live theater venues, and Pioneer Square is one of America’s most prominent art gallery districts. This article will take a close look at arts in Seattle and discuss the different arts prevalent in Seattle today.

Annual cultural events and fairs

Events that are commonly enjoyed across the United States of Americaare annual cultural events and fairs. Chief among these events are the Seattle city artist grants,the 24-day Seattle International Film Festival, and NorthwestFolklifeFestival over Memorial Day weekend. These events are attended by over 100,000 people annually.

In addition to the aforementioned cultural festival, the Seattle neighborhoods have their ownannual street fairs with parades and foot races with live entertainment. These fairs held in most Seattle neighborhoods attract over a hundred thousand people over one weekend, so here even the smallest and strictly neighborhood cultural events are rarely distinguished from the big events as far as the number of people who are attracted to these events.

It will also be noteworthy to mention the Seattle Polish Film Festival, which is an annual film festival that showcases the current and past films of the polish cinema.


The Performing Arts

Seattle is also a city with a rich culture of performing arts. The Seattle Symphony Orchestra is known to be among the most recorded orchestras, and the Seattle Opera and the Pacific Northwest Ballet are also known as being among the best from around the world. It is also recorded that the Seattle Youth Symphony is the largest symphonic youth organization in the United States of America. It is noteworthy to mention that the Seattle flute society is the oldest flute association in the United States.

The Visual Arts

For art museums, the city of Seattle occupies a lower ranking when compared to Europe and cities from the eastern United States. Despite this, Seattle is also known to be the home of four major art museumsand galleries, which include the Frye Arts Museum, the Henry Arts Gallery, the Seattle Art Museum and the SeattleAsian Art Museum.

Also Seattle has over 100 commercial art galleries and at least a dozen non- profit art gallerieswith over a hundred artist studios.

King County in Washington, seeing the contribution of the Seattle arts and cultural heritage to the economy of the county, has allocated a certain amount of capital budget to the arts.


Spoken Word Poetry

Seattle is the birthplace of highly respected poets. Notable among them was the physician Henry A. Smith, who in the year 1887 wrote and published the English language text known as the “Chief Seattle.” More recent poets include Theodore Roethke, Richards Hugo Denise Levertov, and Carolyn Kizer David, among many others.

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